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Interesting Facts About Iron Man

  1. Tony Stark did not invent the Ark Reactor, his father did. In the movies they modified it so Stark could create it, but in reality his father, Howard Stark, did it before him.

  2. In the comics, Stark had implanted a suit inside his body that was connected to his brain and nerves. This suit is called the Bleeding Edge. This suit is nearly indistructable.

  3. Captain America once trained Tony when he was unable to use his suit. He had trained Tony to be deadly on combat, meaning that even out of the suit he is able to fight.

  4. Howard and Maria Stark are actually not the biological parents of Tony. Stark's mother was a SHIELD Agent named Amanda Armstrong, and the father was a double agent for Hydra called Jude. When Amanda found out about Jude, she had to kill him and put Tony to adoption.

  5. In the Civil War comics, Stark created a prison for super heroes and even had villains track other super heroes for him.

  6. Marvel Studios did not want Downey as Stark at first (because of his past), but he won them in the auditions.

  7. Iron Man can project a lifelike hologram of the Iron Man and Tony Stark.

  8. Tony is able to use the ark reactor to freeze his enemies for few seconds.

  9. He a futurist, meaning he can somewhat predict/see the future. This was pointed out in the comics by Hawkeye.

  10. Tony Stark is one of the smartest character in the entire Marvel Universe, as contrary of many people seing him as a playboy billionare.

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